Of Bohemian Fashion: Its Roots and Essence

From Kate Moss’ baggy dress, Sienna Miller’s leather boho bag, to Vanessa Hudgens’ fringe purse, Bohemian fashion has flourished in the wardrobe of celebrities and continues to captivate the world even after decades of its emancipation. It’s laid back, it’s hip, and delicate but also liberating. Matched with vintage elements and the 70’s style, boho-chic as we call it now is here to stay.

If you’re into this flowy trend, you’d be delighted to know that it comes with a pretty interesting history. Boho fashion was first seen from outcasts and was also worn by revolutionists and radical minds back then.

Ready to dig deeper?


So, how did it start?

“Bohemian” was coined by the French when the Romani people from Bohemia arrived in France. Romani gypsies are considered as outsiders because they do not succumb to the societal ways and rove from one place to another. But the term was glamorized by French poets and artists in the 1850’s. They called themselves “bohemians” in the sense that they, too, didn’t want to stick with the orthodox structure of the government. They lived an alternative way of life, far from the mainstream and as artistic as possible.

Boho fashion has also been adapted in the legacy of the beat generation, the Art Nouveau era, and the 70’s hippie style. It’s been well-depicted in books, movies and other forms of immortalization. From the nonconformist styles of the early gypsies, the flowing, flowery dresses were revived into the 21st century’s boho trends such as floral prints, comfy tops, grunge clothing, leather fringe bags, and baggy pants.


Bohemian Style

The liberating comfort of the loose aesthetics of the bohemian style captures those who are carefree at heart. Instead of body-fitting clothes, bohemians prefer long, comfortable clothing created from light fibers. This can be seen in peasant chemises, caftans, maxi dresses, or gypsy skirts usually matched with boho bags, jackets, and scarves to show layers. Depending on the design of the scarf, it can also be worn as a headband or belt.

Harem or gaucho pants adorned with a fringe bag complete the bohemian ensemble because of their looseness. Iconic forms in mismatched colors and patterns are evident in the designs, and feminine accents like floral arrangements and soft latticework are often included.

Boho accessories is as diverse and eccentric as the bohemian clothing. Bangles, beaded necklaces, chandelier earrings, and other pieces are usually made of natural materials like wood and yarn. Boho ornaments are hand-made and exhibits inspiration from the Native American culture. The most popular piece is the “boho bag” that has garnered attention in the fashion industry and is worn by women with different styles all over the world.

Boho Fashion Today

Nowadays, bohemian style is often called “boho”. And when it’s mixed with new trends, it is then dubbed as “boho chic” or “luxe grunge”. It’s worn by free-spirited individuals living their creative lives. It’s for those who are accessorizing their bodies to gratify their souls. Baggy pants, loose blouses, floral dresses, fringe purses and boho bags exemplify the bohemian style, but their profound stance in life makes up for a true bohemian.