5 Reasons Why Women All Over The World Are Falling In Love With Amerii Bags

Started by two best friends in Bali, amerii has amassed a huge online following of fashion lovers, bloggers, influencers, and celebrities alike. Today, you can see some of the hottest style influencers rocking their favorite amerii bags, so what’s made this number one bag brand thrive?

Here’s just 5 of the reasons why so many women are falling head-over-heels in love with amerii’s bags (and why you probably will too).


Handcrafted in Bali; they are the opposite of mass produced bags

If you’ve ever been to Bali, you know how beautiful the local handmade Balinese crafts are – there’s just something special about them. Amerii’s most popular rattan and ata designs were inspired by the traditional Balinese rattan bags, and even today amerii’s bags are still handcrafted there right in the heart of Bali, staying true to its origins.

Amerii partners with local artisans that use the highest quality materials and traditional practices to lovingly handcraft every single amerii bag. Each handmade bag has its traditional charm and vintage vibes, making it unique with its own story. No two bags are the same - which makes them the opposite of usual mass-produced bags.

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Handmade designer bags for a fraction of the price

Every single amerii bag goes through a meticulous quality control process from the sourcing of 100% authentic materials to the quality of weaving to the beautifully finished products. What’s more, it only uses genuine materials that have been ethically sourced.

How do you get all of the above without the excessive price tag? Easy – amerii runs a 100% online-based business, buys straight from the source and sells directly to the customer so there are no middlemen getting cuts or expensive store fronts.

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When old Balinese craft traditions were combined with modern fashion trends in the heart of Bali, the amerii rattan and ata bag was born. It didn’t take celebrities and online fashion influencers long to spot this unique bag, and as a result, it began popping up everywhere from the red carpet to movie premieres to the streets of LA to the beach. People all over the world have all been quick to jump on board, taking amerii’s Instagram followers to well over 120,000 in no time.

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Unbeatable 5-star customer service

Ever tried to buy something online, but were left so frustrated by the customer service you just canceled your order altogether?

Well, this is not the case with amerii.

With more than 1,000 independently verified 5-star ratings, amerii proudly makes customer service their #1 priority.

Meaning that you know you’ll be taken care of, no matter how many pieces you purchase or how much you spend.



Amerii believes in giving back to the local community. All bags are purchased directly from the Balinese artisans, who also promote Fair Trade practices. All of our artisans are fairly compensated, which allows them to keep working and pursuing their passions while providing for their families at the same time.

The continued support of local Balinese artisans means that the beautiful art of bag weaving will long continue to be a tradition of Bali and her people.

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So, what are you waiting for?

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